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Has your property been damaged by Hurricane Ian? Our team of Florida Public Adjusters can help.

Assess Damages

Negotiate With the Insurance Company

Repair Your Property

With No Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Hurricane Ian Florida Adjusters


An independent insurance adjuster is hired to represent the financial interests of an insured individual or business. We work for you, the policyholder – NOT the insurance company. The unforunate truth about many insurance claims is:

Most Claims are Underpaid

Many Properties Are Never Fully Restored

Rebuilding Takes Years

Businesses & Communities Suffer

At Raisman, we use our 20+ years of experience as licensed Florida public adjusters to make sure your claim is handled properly and receives the maximum possible settlement to help you rebuild your home or business. We also leverage our network of local contractors to ensure the work gets done quickly and affordably so you can get back to living your life in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

Has your property been damaged by Hurricane Ian? Contact us for a free assessment and policy review - we'll help you rebuild.


Initial Assessment

Raisman Florida public adjusters provide a free consultation and assessment of the damaged property to determine if the insurance offer is sufficient to cover damages and restore the property.

Investigation & Presentation

Raisman Florida insurance adjusters enlist the help of other contractors and repair experts to further investigate damages. Our team of loss adjusters then build and present a case to the insurance company that requests a larger claim payout.

Resolution & Repair

A larger claim payout is awarded, thus helping you to restore your property to it’s original condition.

Still Have Questions?

Still wondering how hurricane adjusters work? Read our Florida Public Adjuster FAQs document to learn more about how we help property owners and managers recover after storms like Hurricane Ian. Our team of catastrophe adjusters is on standby and ready to help you and Southwest Florida as a whole rebuild and recover – stronger than ever. Contact our Hurricane Ian Adjusters today.

Free Claim & Policy Assessment for Hurricane Ian Victims