the cost of hurricane laura

Calling all general contractors, roofers, plumbers & electricians,  we can help you land bigger contracts in the wake of Hurricane Laura.

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Win Bigger Contracts

We help our clients win bigger settlements from their insurance company when their property is damaged by a storm. Leveraging our partner referral network’s industry and repair expertise and our proven claims process, we win greater claim payouts that result in larger projects for our partners.

Build Credibility

We serve as our partners inside advocate, referring them projects and business they may not have otherwise been considered for. This ultimately results in more contracts for our partners, all with varying complexity and size.

Grow Your Business

When you win, we win and vice versa. Our incentives are aligned behind everyone’s best interest. Helping our clients maximize their damage payouts means their property can be restored, you can be awarded bigger contracts, and we can earn a share of the new claim.


Raisman’s referral partner program is for roofers, plumbers, electricians, general contractors, and other repair and restoration experts looking to grow their business with the support of an experienced public adjuster. The referral program works two ways – partners assess potential contracts and pull in Raisman as an insurance claims expert who can win a bigger overall payout that increases project size and scope, and/or Raisman approaches referral partners for their expertise when building a case against an insurance company and then refers the partner to the client when they are looking for contractors to complete the work.


Initial Assessment

Raisman and/or the partner assesses a damaged property and determines the insurance claim payout is insufficient to cover damages

Investigation & Presentation

Raisman and the partner investigate damages further and then build and present a case to the insurance company that requests a larger claim payout

Resolution & Repair

A larger claim payout is awarded to the client resulting in an overall larger contract for the partner completing the work

About Us

We believe everyone has a right to fair compensation when their property is damaged by no fault of their own. We exist to help guide these conversations around reimbursement and serve as an advocate for our clients and partners best interests. After Raisman’s success in assisting people throughout Massachusetts, our operations expanded to Texas, Florida, and Illinois. The Raisman team is now licensed in 23 states. Still have questions? Read our Public Adjuster FAQs to learn more.

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