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Our Story

We believe everyone has a right to fair compensation when their property is damaged by no fault of their own. We exist to help guide these conversations around reimbursement and serve as an advocate for our clients’ best interests. After Raisman’s success in assisting people throughout Massachusetts, our operations expanded to Texas, Florida, and Illinois. The Raisman team is now licensed in 23 states.

Hurricane Ian devastates Southwest Florida – Raisman represents dozens of large commercial, condominium, and residential claims

Raisman handles several dozen commercial shopping center, multi-family housing, and office buildings freeze-up plumbing claims after historical cold snap.

Tornadoes wreck havoc on the Dallas area – Raisman represents $5mil in claims

Drew Raisman joins the Raisman team

Hurricane Irma hits Florida – Raisman represents 375+ claims

Raisman represents dozens of hail damage claims in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area

Raisman represents 100+ claims after an ice dam epidemic in Massachusetts

Hurricane Ike hits Texas and Raisman represents 350+ claims

Hurricanes Katrina & Wilma hit the United States – Raisman represents 400+ claims

Hurricanes Charlie, Francis, and Gene hit Florida and Raisman represents 70+ claims

Raisman Claims Catastrophe Group is born

Types of Claims We Represent

Extreme Weather Events

Including tornado, earthquake, and other natural disaster related damages

Ice Dams & Collapse Damage

Including damages to roofs, collapse, burst pipes, and water leaks relating to snow and ice events


Including water, electrical, and plumbing damage related to a property fire


Including structural, dry wall, electrical, and home systems damages resulting from a pipe burst or other related water damage


Including cosmetic, odor, and structural damages resulting from the spread of soot and other smoke contaminants

Wind Damage

Including roof damage, exterior, and interior structural damage related to wind.

Hurricane Damage

Including property damage due to hurricanes that makes spaces uninhabitable

Business Loss & Vandalism

Including recovery of lost income and revenues when a business is forced to shut down due to unforseen and/or extenuating circumstances, recovery of lost income when a rental property is deemed uninhabitable due to damages, and claims related to vandalism and destruction of property.

Hail Damage

Including structural damage, roof damage, and other damages related to hail storms.

What is Public Adjusting?

A public insurance adjuster is someone who is hired to represent the financial interests of the person who is insured by an insurance policy. A public adjuster works for the policyholder – not the insurance company. Public adjusters use their experience and expertise in the insurance industry to make sure a claim is properly handled and achieves maximum settlements to help clients rebuild their homes and businesses.