Winter WEATHER Damage

Has your property been damaged from winter weather events such as ice dams or frozen pipes?

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After winter weather events like snowstorms or consistenly cold temperatures, your property can be plagued with ice dams or freezing pipes. This can lead to significant long-term damage to your home or commercial property. You need someone who can assess the full extent of damage and provide a comprehensive report to your insurance company. Raisman Claims Group’s tenured experts will ensure all damage is fully documented to get you the maximum possible payout from your insurnace company.

Download our Ice Dam Claims Comparison Guide to see an example of the value a public adjuster can provide in the claims process.


Initial Assessment

Raisman provides a free consultation and assessment of the damaged property and determines the insurance claim payout is insufficient to cover damages

Investigation & Presentation

Raisman enlists the help of other contractors and repair experts to further investigate damages and then build and present a case to the insurance company that requests a larger claim payout

Resolution & Repair

A larger claim payout is awarded, thus helping you to restore your property to pre-loss condition.

Still Have Questions?

We believe everyone has a right to fair compensation when their property is damaged by no fault of their own. A public insurance adjuster is someone who is hired to represent the financial interests of the person who is insured by an insurance policy. At Raisman, we use our experience and expertise in the insurance industry to make sure your claim is properly handled and receives the maximum possible settlement to help rebuild your home and business. Read our Public Adjuster FAQ’s to learn more about how we help property owners.

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